Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our First Trend Micro Install - Worry-Free

Trend Micro's product sure lives up to it's name, Worry-Free.  We installed Worry-Free Business Security Advance for a local Houston manufacturer.  Our customer has a challenging environment of over fifty client computers spread out over three buildings that are connected via rather slow T1 lines.

To overcome the challenge of slow T1 lines, PGC setup Worry-Free servers at each location to service the client computers at those locations.  This eliminated the network congestion the customer was experiencing with their older product.  The reduction in network traffic over the T1 connections has greatly improved the network speeds for there other network applications such as Citrix, file, and print sharing.  It has also resulted in quicker and timelier updates of virus signatures for each client computer on the network.

Give us a call at 713-568-5353 and let us schedule an appointment to discuss your internet security needs.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Trend Micro Partner

After evaluating several internet security product vendors we've settled on Trend Micro.

Trend's Worry-Free™ Business Security  products protect more small businesses than any other content security providers in the world because they are:

Smart: Stopping threats before reaching your business, limiting the impact on customer systems.

Simple: Requiring no specific IT staff or expertise

Security that fits: Designed specifically for the needs of small business customers, including both on-premise and cloud-based solutions

In short, Trend's solutions are pro-active, easy to use, and custom-built for small businesses, allowing them to focus on running their businesses instead of worrying about their security.

Call us for a free evaluation and thirty day trial.  We'd be happy to show you why Worry-Free™ Business Security is the best solution for your internet security needs.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

VTSP 4 Certified

We've climbed up another couple of rungs on the VMware certification ladder. This rung was about twice as high as the VSP 4, so there was a little bit more work involved. It was a very good basic overview of the VMware product line and it lightly delved into technical topics like installing and basic configuration.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

VSP 4 Certified

We’ve taken the next step, albeit a small step, and have completed the VMware VSP 4 training. It was very nice getting the following email from VMware. Even if it was an automatic response email.

Congratulations! You have completed all of the required tasks and have now earned the following accreditation:

They even sent a nice PDF certificate, plus we get to put their logo on our website. Soon we will have the next step done, VTSP 4.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


We at PGC Business Systems are very excited about the virtual paradigm. The technology has matured to the point that the long promised benefits are finally being realized. To that end, we have started on the path to become a VMware Solution Provider. This is very exciting as we work through our first virtualization implementation (more on that to come) and work through the VMware course work to become your VMware Solution Provider.

Monday, January 17, 2011

AddonSoftware by Barista

BASIS International Ltd. releases 'AddonSoftware by Barista' version 10.03 for BBj version 10.03. In additional to addressing several reported bugs, BASIS made several suggested enhancements including an automated update and install wizard, adding trigger definition and source files to facilitate running a hybrid version of Addon Payroll, and added a copy data from firm to firm utility.